Hazzard Fabworx

Hazzard Fab.WorxThe talented team at Hazzard Fab.Worx has created some of the hottest off road builds in the market today.

With three Ultimate Adventure builds and several competitive ULTRA4 race buggies to their credit, these guys are building the dream. However, with increased custom build demands and fabrication hours needed in their shop, they couldn’t keep up with their web presence.

Hazzard needed a website that was easy to update so they could keep the content fresh without having to spend hours on it or write code. Primitive Road Media Group jumped in to help. We gave their site a total makeover using industry leading tool sets. Now they have a flexible, scalable, and dynamic site that can grow with their business moving forward.

We just hope we can keep up with these guys on the trail!

Client website: Hazzard Fab.Worx

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Dual Sport Alchemy

Dual Sport Alchemy smNot everyone has the resources (or inclination) to go adventure riding in Zambia. Most of us can’t set aside life’s obligations long enough to ride the Transcontinental Trail. While it is nice to day dream of touring exotic locations on a state of the art motorcycle outfitted with high end gear, it’s simply not feasible for the vast majority of us.

The simple truth is that Dual Sport Motorcycling is filled with risk and surprise no matter where you go. Many times you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money or travel too far from home to find adventure. The purpose of this site is to explore and share a grass roots sensibility to Dual Sport riding; helping adventure seekers to transform the average weekend ride into something extraordinary – all on a minimal budget.

Dual Sport Alchemy needed a partner to provide web design, social media and advertising management. Primitive Road Media Group provides to DSA the resources to manage the social media channels and keep the look fresh and appealing. PRMG is the exclusive advertising channel partner for DSA. If your business wants to reach the dual sport crowd, DSA advertising can get you to that goal.

Client Website: Dual Sport Alchemy
Client Social Media: Facebook

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Grab A Wrench

gaw websiteGrab A Wrench started as a simple idea. Cut through the clutter and junk of traditional off-road and 4×4 news websites and provide consumers with an easy to read, mobile friendly, “go to” news source.

By eliminating the traditional noise found in other websites, Grab A Wrench presents new and interesting products in the 4×4 and off-road market in a format that consumers love.

Utilizing clean, crisp photography and targeted messages, the site delivers a rich media experience were GAW can inform and direct consumers directly to the manufacturer or retailer website.

Primitive Road Media Group developed and refined the concept to create a cohesive brand identity for Grab A Wrench. Using responsive web design and SEO techniques, Grab A Wrench has seen incredible results in a very short period of time. The site also pushes its content through Facebook and Twitter using best-in-class practices like Facebook Mobile Ads and Twitter Cards.

Grab A Wrench isn’t just a news website for the off-road marketplace, it is quickly becoming the news website for the off-road marketplace.

Client website: Grab A Wrench
Client Social MediaFacebook · Google+ · Instagram · Twitter

Advertising inquiries for Grab A Wrench should use the contact form on this page, or visit the Grab A Wrench website.